True Master Conspiracy

Now that I finally been able to design this website as best as I possibly could without even seeing anything, this absurd conspiracy is thankfully now over, from its inevitable public exposure. 

I have been unlawfully imprisoned now for over a year and a half, because no one new that these 3 weak cases including the so called escape case all began with the police deliberately breaking into my multi million dollar historic mansion and further more since no one knew that corrupt NYPD police officers kept deliberately breaking into my multi million dollar historic mansion, then off course no one also knows about how a delusional female prosecutor has done every illegal thing imaginable to still keep me unlawfully imprisoned and to keep these week and absurdly insufficient cases alive, including immediately doctoring all the minutes especially from the very first arraignment in criminal court to remove the prosecutions own statements concerning how the police broke into my home and to make the minutes appear as if both my arraignment attorneys Beth Unger and her well respected supervisor Mr McCarthy esq. of the Legal Aid societies didn't even attempt to get theses cases immediately dismissed because of these unnecessary break ins to my home when the police also looted and pillaged my home before filling out these un swore and conflicting accusatory instruments which are beyond being insufficient.

Therefore its not surprising that with no explanations I was unbelievable made to miss 30 percent of my schedule court dates while in custody including 2 days in a row when i was supposed to have simple felony preliminary hearings to question my accuser, and without any notice of course I was denied my right to testify before any alleged grand jury and then the prosecutor wouldn't even tell my attorney Mr Ian Niles a date as to when any alleged grand jury proceeding even happened.